Sport glasses Slastik Sun

cycling, running, sailing, snowboarding, surfing …

Choose the best sports sunglasses for your favorite sport

Sunglasses Slastik Sun Urban

Slastik Sun Urban

Multi-purpose magnetic sunglasses, ideal for day to day and for your sport sessions. You’ll feel more comfortable while you’re active!

Sunglasses Slastik Sun Sport

Slastik Sun Sport

Sunglasses with front magnetic closure and different treatments on the lenses. Anti-glare, anti-dust, high resistance to scratches … Get a more effective performance!

Sunglasses Slastik Sun Falcon

Slastik Sun Falcon

Sunglasses suitable for sports that require high eye protection. High performance product for practice any outdoor sport.


Slastik Sun Metro 2015

New Slastik Sun Urban, achieving a more effective performance, greater resistance to impacts, and optical clarity without  “rainbow” effect.