Sport Sunglasses 2016

Protect your eyes with our sports sunglasses

We have all kinds of sports sunglasses. Glasses created thinking of athletes lose impossible for excellent fit and slastik belt system. Our sunglasses are specially designed to practice running, cycling, sailing, surfing, snowboarding, etc ..

Eliminate annoying effects that are generated when sunlight reflected on a surface (road, snow, water …) thanks to the high performance polarized lenses.

Our sports sunglasses

Gafa de sol deportiva

Mens sport sunglasses

The best sun glasses ideal for sports, thanks to its lens designed to prevent dust and water.


Sport polarized sunglasses

Ideal lens for sports. Designed to offer maximum performance in any situation.

Slastik Sun

Clic sunglasses

Discover this new concept of sunglasses. The Slastik Sun have a frontal magnetic connection.